Mayes Massey and Doug Stevens have been busy since they contracted the lease of West Georgia Speedway in early January. The duo’s plan to reconfigure the track started in January, but has been recently been delayed due to the onslaught of rainy weather.

“We have only had a couple of really nice days to work on the project,” said Mayes Massey. “The rain has kept us from getting further along, but we are not worried yet. Once the track dries out some and we are able to get our heavy equipment back on the infield and track, we will knock it out relatively quickly.”

That is set to change this week with a break in the weather and higher temperatures forecast for the weekend. Teams have been contracted to remove the remaining guardrail from the interior of the track along with the new drainage project set to resume.

Doug Stevens, the master mind behind track reconstruction at Senoia Raceway over the past six seasons, has come up with a plan to increase room for racers to pass along with fixing the banking in the turns. The interior guardrail is being removed to create three distinct lanes for racing while Stevens has also gone to work on the banking in the turns by removing the crest that had developed near the top of the track. He will create progressive banking in the turns allowing drivers to find the best lane for their race car to be it’s fastest.

“My plan is to give the drivers more room to race and more options to pass,” said Doug Stevens. “I want to eliminate a single groove track. It’s always been a fast track with a lot of bite. We want to keep it that way while at the same time creating the space and multi grooves for the race teams to find their sweet spot.”

Plans are also underway to expand the pit area on the outside of the track. Teams will now be able to pit their race teams on the outside of turns one and two with an expansion down past the spectator seating area towards the main entrance. Stevens and his team are expanding further out allowing for ample pit parking. This new layout will also allow for the race fans to watch and see their favorite teams prepare for the night of racing.

“It will be something different for the fans to enjoy,” Mayes Massey said. “They can watch the teams change tires, make adjustments and get ready to go racing. It will be a vantage point that many race tracks offer to their fans.”

The infield pits will be eliminated with the exception of the tech area and scales along with Victory Lane. Pre-race staging for the next race will also be held on the infield.

“We have begun the installation of a new drainage system on the infield,” Stevens added. “This will eliminate the flooding issue that caused a few event postponements over the past several seasons.”

West Georgia Speedway is located at 1936 Sammy Duke Road in Whitesburg, GA. Access from GA Hwy 16. For additional information, visit the track website at or call the speedway hotline at 404-234-6785.